World Cup 2008 Lüttich

World Cup 2008 Lüttich

Greetings from TT-mfg and here is the complete List of ed2k-Link for eMule:

Grp Rnd Dimitrij Ovtcharov vs. J.-M. Saive
ed2k://|file|World%20Cup%202008%20L%C3% … f%20MPEG-2).mp4|603490280|C37C3882A609C107F67B78F7E91142D5|/

Grp Rnd Wang Hao vs. Chuang Chih-Yuan (TPE)
ed2k://|file|World%20Cup%202008%20L%C3% … uan%20(TPE)%20Table%20Tennis%200,31.mp4|255011198|ED550C0C59666AA862B58015E20A3593|/

Grp Rnd Timo Boll vs. Gao Ning (SIN)
ed2k://|file|World%20Cup%202008%20L%C3% … ing%20(SIN)%20Table%20Tennis%20(H.264%20AVC)%200,33.mp4|297322123|745BC8EBB51C0BD6F3DFA32044BA6F97|/

Quarter (1of3) Wang Hao vs. Dimitrij Ovtcharov
ed2k://|file|World%20Cup%202008%20L%C3% … er%20(1of3)%20Wang%20Hao%20vs.%20Dimitrij%20Ovtcharov%20Table%20Tennis%200,34.mp4|312499505|BA628574760D0B2C8D1EC4536B932D05|/

Quarter (2of3) Joo Se Hyuk (KOR) vs. Kalinikos Kreanga
ed2k://|file|World%20Cup%202008%20L%C3% … er%20(2of3)%20Joo%20Se%20Hyuk%20(KOR)%20vs.%20Kalinikos%20Kreanga%20Table%20Tennis%200,35.mp4|378123719|48182773F703D092326F4064BE68DB1A|/

Quarter (3of3) Ryu Seung Min vs. Timo Boll
ed2k://|file|World%20Cup%202008%20L%C3% … er%20(3of3)%20Ryu%20Seung%20Min%20vs.%20Timo%20Boll%20Table%20Tennis%20(VLC%20may%20play%20this)%200,33.mp4|226695662|7599A4B1D444B087B4CBF13364F045F6|/

Final (Start with Set 3) Wang Hao vs. Timo Boll
ed2k://|file|World%20Cup%202008%20L%C3% … %20Set%203)%20Wang%20Hao%20vs.%20Timo%20Boll%20Table%20Tennis%200,31.mp4|227608901|3FE794AA5A4763E613F89E57713ECB92|/

Thank you guy!!!
You have contributed a lot with us.
These videos are yours (by your host) or you have found them by searching? I’m asking because the guys from here are facing huge problems to find videos at eMule.
Anyway, thanks again!!!

Best regards.

Wow… Mytt members coming?..


I heart from Problems. When searching in emulates, try you connect with “to eDonkeyServer In the 1”. When i post new matches, i to ever uses this server.

Later, when download, you can uses any Server.

to better is you uses the Links in “emulates”/“Tools”/“download with eD2K Link (s)”.


Your tips were too valuable for us.
Count on us for everything you may need!

Best regards.