Video Emule Semifinal Champions League Goennern- CajaGranada

Y la otra semifinal TTV RE-BAU Goennern x Club Cajagranada
que la puso alguien.

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I released the game, it’s recorded from german tv.

There are 3 games:
Timo Boll x Robert Gardos
Jörg Roßkopf x He Zhi Wen
Slobodan Grujic x Fan Guo Liang

And some interview stuff with the german coach helmut hampl, timo boll and jörg roßkopf. Of course in german ^^

The first set is very funny:
Boll 7 - 0 Gardos
Boll 7 - 9 Gardos
Boll 11 - 9 Gardos

tks, guys!

Thank you very much!