TT stroke training clips:Pendulum and BH cut Service
.wmv,640 x 480, 543 kbps, 25 fps, 35 MB, stereo
Comments: slow motion, good resolution,many angle views of 21 clips.
An example about the correct use of wmv extention.Perfect if the frame
rate shoud be a bit higher.
Please, take a look at the new Greg’s website, full of advanced training
articles. The online “Greg’s Guide to table tennis” is a must.
These videoclips take pair with the clips on service of Chinese champs,
with Cheng Yingua services, with Jack Huang clips, the Che Qi demo,
Sean O Neil clips at About com and with athor ones you already know. sells a VHS of 55 min on advanced service training
with Borussia Dusseldorf players.
Thanks to Greg. Abracos

I’ve already seen it. Very good to the new players. Thanks.

César Mesquita.

Hi Cesarav,
I’m a new to this forum, a new to dowload and a new 16 year old ex tt
player from Italy. Kept together, these three things let me post some
redundant links.Desculpe, but, beleave me, I post to your beautiful forum
without any supposion, because I fill it reach and nearer to my latin sensibility than english-speaking forum. So doing I try to keep alive
a remaining bond with a forever-lost passion, forever lost, forever lost
come lacrime nella pioggia, come un sogno nell’alba. Damn! Here is deep
night and I can’t sleep.