Hugo Calderano – Great Moments in Quatar 2018

Hugo Calderano – Great Moments in Quatar 2018

Dear Mazinho, dear Moderadores, dear Table Tennis Fans,

the No. 15 in World Ranking, 18 year Brazilian Hugo Calderano has in this Weekend by Quatar Open his great Show.

01 Last16 Timo Boll vs. Hugo Calderano

When wins to Timo Boll 4:1, World Ranking No. 1.
I think for moment, Timo have not so good day.

02 Quarter: Tomokazu Harimoto vs. Hugo Calderano

Hugo wins 4:0 and the No. 12 have no Chance

03 Semi: Lin Gaoyuan vs. Hugo Calderano

Hugo beats now te No. 4 and Lian also have no Chance

04 Final: Fan Zhendong vs. Hugo Calderano

Fan ist the favorite. In the first and second set both player are on a par.
But in third and fourth set Hugo have to much respekt to Fan, ich think.

it doesn’t matter. Hugo Calderano have give us great moment in this Weekend. Thank you.

I am happy and i think all Brazilan also. What a Sonnyboy. Congratulation!!!

Best regards to you

Hello my friend!

Great to see you back in the forum, so supportive as usual.

It was a really great time for Hugo, an amazing sequence of good matches, which is pretty hard to achieve in this level, because not only the opponents are the best, but they are smart enough to be always finding new ways to avoid and cause trouble too. That’s really impressive to beat Timo Boll like that these days, as he reinvented his own setup so well, mentally and phisically.

Many players have been coming up to face the chinese head to head nowadays, and we never know what is to come. This is a race, and we have seen many good players (fortunately from everywhere all over the world) coming fast, but the chinese can always take a sprint too. That’s the beauty of the whole thing. Time will tell.

Best regards!

OMG! HE’S BACK :slight_smile:

You have no idea how proud we are. This kid is special in many ways.