[eMule] European Champions League Videos

1.) SVS Niederösterreich x Borussia Düsseldorf (1.27 GB)
ed2k://|file|ECL%20-%20SVS%20Nieder%C3% … C6ECD675|/

2.) Club Caja Granada TT x BVSC Budapest (765 MB)
ed2k://|file|ECL%20-%20Club%20Caja%20Gr … 5FE9B9AA|/

3.) Club Caja Granada TT x Levallois Sporting Club (439 MB)
ed2k://|file|ECL%20-%20Club%20Caja%20Gr … 7376D853|/

I Hope TerrelESP will set the upload priorities for these videos to release, otherwise it will be difficult to download these videos in a short time!

Correcto ya los tengo en lanzamiento con prioridad.

Ok thank you very much TerrelESP!