Curated long pimples

Does anyone know about these new pimples? Like magician II?

What is the curated ? How to do It?

The rubber curing process is also known as vulcanization (for any type of rubber)

In the case of table tennis, it happens through the addition of sulfur to the other components.

Before the addition of sulfur, if the rubber is deformed, this deformation will remain even if the force that caused the deformation has already stopped. and the addition of sulfur to its molecules prevents the free movement of the rubber molecules and allows the tangle of molecules to deform and move, but returning to their initial state and occupying their initial positions. In technical terms, after this process the rubber goes from a plastic state to an elastic state.

This applies to all rubbers on the market; However, ideally, I believe that this type of chemical treatment takes place on both the sponge and the pins, separately. in other words, the “full curated” version refers to a product with added sulfur in the pips and sponge, and the uncured version may not undergo the vulcanization process in the pips.

In summary: I believe that the uncurated version is tougher, changing the trajectory, tempo and dynamics of the game technique; making it “anti-spin” due to low friction. and in the curated version, I believe it is like any other pips on the market.