Chinese Training Videos:a Fast FTP ( Part 2)

ftp://[email protected]:9007/joypong/ppq13.rm
ftp://[email protected]:9007/joypong/ppq14.rm
ftp://[email protected]:9007/joypong/ppq15.rm
ftp://[email protected]:9007/joypong/ppq16.rm
ftp://[email protected]:9007/joypong/ppq17.rm
kkwping=username,1234=password.For Dowloading a manager is needed
because the server has 6 slots for a total rate of 280-320 KBYTES/SEC.
This mean a downlad time of about 10 min/152 MB when you programme
the IDM acelerator for downloading 1 file each time.Thanks to Kimjo and
Kimjo, the two Korean Webmasters of FTP (If I read correctly their names).

kkwping =username => kkwping = nome de usuário
1234 = password => senha = 1234
Para baixar o arquivos é necessário um gerenciador de downloads porque o servidor tem seis slots para uma taxa total entre 280kbps e 320kpps.
Isto significa que o tempo de download é de 10minutos para 152Mb (quem dera!) :x quando você programa o gerenciador de download para baixar um arquivo de cada vez. Agradecimentos a Kimjo e
Kimjo, os dois webmasters coreanos do ftp (se ele leu corretamente o nome deles) - if I translated correctly him too! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thank you, Mr. Antonio, for the translation.Sorry to give you this bother,
but I don’t write your musical language. Thank to any people traslating my
posts and bearing a boy who messages a forum outside its natural idiom.
About kkwping server, and any server in general, before to post, I verify
the server condictions, downloading from him a segment of the file I’m
sharing and reting" my" load condictions in “that” moment, with "my"connection, which is a middle-low speed-no limit Adsl with 6 MBytes/s down and 50 KBytes/s up secured. As you know, I have no idea of band-width and band-density of the server,unless shown, nor of the number of people downloading together.Thus, I want simply give an overall idea of a fast/slow server.But I’m sure the forum friends know the folk.The korean
ftp was downloaded by me at 90%, few monthes ago, with great respect for him and for the web, that is never at maximum speed, never with multiple downs,(allowed), never continually.This is the reason why I don’t
like to post to my domestic (otherwise natural) forum, where the best is the fastest. Abracos