Chinese Team Trials Women

Hi friends

I’ve uploaded the women’s matches of the chinese team trials. Have fun :slight_smile:



Uma duvidaa esse megaupload soh da pra puxar 1 por vez???

A menos q vc tenha uma conta Premium(paga) sim :frowning:

Hi, martinspin,
I have finished to down. the vids on CWT-Trials for Bremen you
uploaded on Megauload. This hosting factory works fine in Italy :
easy access, hight average speed.At night, I have experienced flash peaks
of 1080 Kbyte/sec in the middle of down, and, till December 2005,
free multiple downloads from different servers of Mega .I can’t
explain why. Thak you for sharing the rmvb files of CTTB , very good
quality even if compressed to 450x340 dpi and to 500 kbps , that is
half-way of HQ avi.Really the CTTB team is master to save space
AND resolution . Many of us have seen the videos of this event from
recording work of Stanley : really the hard work of someone among
the most passionate and kind supporters of our sport. But I have still
to understand the reason why his videos don’t return the resolution that
their technical details promise ; an example from Stanley :
CWT-Final GUO Yue vs ZHANG Yining , 237 MB, WMV3, 640x480,
850 kbps, 30 fps, 38,56 minutes, CTTV5 ; and compare it with the
same file from CTTB ( enlarged to size 640x480 ) : 154 MB , rmvb,
450x340, 505 kbps, 25 fps, 42 min.,CTTV5 . A partial explanation
comes out when we calculate the resolution of each frame, a measure
of how clear an image is :
WMV = 0.092 bit /d on unit surface
Rmvb = 0.132 bit /d on unit surface.
The second frame is 43% more clear than the first one, even if CTTB
video pays in fluency. Stanley may have problems on the signal too.
The same remarks on new Ufengnet vids you have inserted in your
page on 2005 Grand Finals : rm 640x480 with 600 kbps , that is a too
low bitrate for a so large format. Ok, Ufengnet saved a lot of space,
but they had to lower the framerate to keep the frame definition at
a fair degree. Result : a jerkily video. On the same protour, you know the
following choise:
Confucian Scholarship team: rmvb, 400x300, 770-790 k, 25 f
Stanley: wmv, 640x480 , 765 k, 30 f ;
Ustcnic : asf, 384x288 , 748 k , 25 f ;
CTTB : rmvb, 432x340 ,478 k , 24 f .
No comment .
I’m not a shitstirrer ,but a madboy really, to keep all formats of the same
file on the HD !!!
Can you, martinspin, help us about the video of Chen Qi and the chair?
Link … uage_tools


Hi nickorulez

I don’t know why the recordings from stanley and me with pplive have a lower quality then the rmvb-files of cttbi. I have the idea that cttbi-recordings are from tv to rmvb and that provides better quality even if the resolution is lower.

I had also downloaded the mpg-videos of cttbi and I must say that the quality isn’t better then the rmvb’s !!!

Now the 48. WTTTC is coming soon and I will record it with my tv-card. A really good choice is the mpeg4-format and I try to convert the mpeg2 to mpeg4. The quality is very good with mpeg4 and you can’t see a different to mpeg2. The mpeg4-files are only a third of the mpg2.

I know this interview of Chen Qi but I haven’t got the video of the game :frowning: