2005 Sweedish Open: MS R16 Bolls vs Lee Jung Woo 354 MB

2005 Sweedish Open: MS R16 Bolls vs Lee Jung Woo 354 MB

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This Pro Tour is not well documented, and the video may be a contribution.
Vid quality : WMV , 640x480 dpi , 24 fps , 1500 kbps, 32 min., really an AVI.
DivX Player opens well, other players bad.
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me a speed of 250-350 Kbytes/sec in this moment.
Lee Jung Woo (KOR) is considered one of the faster classic
penholder player in the world . Because he doesn’t use
the penhold revers backhand loop, he must relay on fast footwork.

Changing topic, has someone an idea about the
way to down the following video ( traslated from chinese ): link : … uage_tools

Video-Chen Qi ( 玘 ) with a public apology punished , still remain in force at Table T. Team Http://sports.sina.com.cn at 18:07 on March 10, 2006 Sina Sports

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Chen 玘 public apology as punishment to remain still in force at Team Table

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March 5, 2006 in Japan for the Asian Cup Men’s singles final, the compatriots Wang Hao win and Chen 玘 lost the competition , He after not only violently hit the ground with the racket but with one foot hit a chair. Chen 玘 merit a public apology and the punishment is part of his annual income over 10% and stay at half team. The above incident related to Chen 玘 video.

I give the same page in original language (for the original links ) ; link:

http://sports.sina.com.cn/o/bn/2006-03- … 4318.shtml

视频-陈玘公开道歉受处罚 留队查看仍可参加世乒赛 http://sports.sina.com.cn 2006年03月10日18:07 新浪体育

陈玘公开道歉接受处罚 留队查看仍可参加世乒赛


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Chen Qi was punished with written , public apologies,
with a 10% loss of his annual incomes , a week of military
training with the field units, a week of works in poor suburbal areas.
The caoch Liu Guoliang recived a fine of 20,000 yuan ,
the team manager Huang Biao 10,000 yuan,
the haed caoch Xiao Zhan 10,000 yuan , any other
team coach 2000 yuan . Xiao Zhan lost elegibility
to participate in international competitions .