2005 Samsung-life Cup : Video N 2

Samsung-life Cup, Video N 2

ftp://[email protected]:9007/joyp … 5/2005%20Ź%B1%B8%20%BF%D5%C1߿%D5%C0%FC%20%C1%B6%BE%F0%B7%A1vs%C0%CC%C1%A4%BB%EF%20(%B8%B6%C1%F6%B8%B7%BC%BCƮ).WMV

Footnote: the names of korean players are refered to the official ITTF nomenclature,for instance
Cho Ji Hoon (korean) is Jo Ji Hoon (ITTF), Youn Jae Young (korean) is Yoon Jae Young (ITTF).
The strig of numbers and letters following the player’s names are informations given by MBC Broadcastings on the player,for instance Lee Jung Woo22y24WR1K means that LJW had 22 years, he was 24th in ITTF World Ranking at October 2005 Ranking List, (generally his best ), and 1st in National Ranking (if I read correctly).When player’best was different from October Ranking, the best was given. For fans of Korean TT, like me, two links on Lim Yae Hyun (may be you have):
2005 Korea Open MS-R16 Lim Jae Hyun (KOR) vs Chuan Chih-Yuan (TPE) 4:3 142 MB

ftp://[email protected]:9007/05_k … 20;%AE%BEƿ%C0%C7%C2%20%C0%D3%C0%E7%C7%F6(%C7ѱ%B9)vs%C3%F2%BE%C8ġ%C0%AF%BF%A3(%B4븸).WMV

2005 Korea Open MS-Final Oh Sang Eun (KOR) vs Lim Jae Hyun (KOR) 4:0 275 MB

ftp://[email protected]:9007/05_k … 20;%AE%BEƿ%C0%C7%C2%20%B0%E1%BD%C2%20%C0%D3%C0%E7%C7%F6(%C7ѱ%B9)vs%BF%C0%BB%F3%C0%BA(%C7ѱ%B9).WMV
If any friend has videolinks of the following games:
2005 Brazilian Open MS-R8 Franz Peter (GER) vs Jo Ji Hoon (KOR)
2005 Chile Open WS-R32 Pavlovic Victoria (BLR) vs Lee Hyang Mi (KOR)
please, post.

Hi nickorulez

[quote=“nickorulez”:2369qo61]Samsung-life Cup, Video N 2

ftp://[email protected]:9007/joyp … 5/2005%20Ź%B1%B8%20%BF%D5%C1߿%D5%C0%FC%20%C1%B6%BE%F0%B7%A1vs%C0%CC%C1%A4%BB%EF%20(%B8%B6%C1%F6%B8%B7%BC%BCƮ).WMV[/quote]

The link don’t work. Do we need a password?


Of course we need!

the login is the word kkwping and the word after the @ is thepassword. Download managers understand the link with password included, but the internet explorer dont.

Hi mola_samas

Normally are login and password before the @ in that form e.g. ftp://login:[email protected] - That’s what an ftp download program can read. Unfortunately there is only the login (kkwping) and not the password. So the link won’t work :frowning:


the username is kkwping and the password is 1234
I forgot to give them because i had given them in a previous post
of mine on Chinese training videos: a fast FTP, Part 2.
Anyway, I agree that a good rule says to post every time.

Hi nickorulez

the username is kkwping and the password is 1234
I forgot to give them because i had given them in a previous post
of mine on Chinese training videos: a fast FTP, Part 2.
Anyway, I agree that a good rule says to post every time.

I used your password but the files don’t load ???


Hello martinspin and other friends;
tomorrow morning I will explain step by step how downl.video 2. It’s easy.
Free Download Manager and Fleshget can’t be used because they
do not read “all” the ASCII language codifying these kinds of files.
I use Opera as Internet Browser and not Internet Explorer because
the Download function of Opera is easy and complete.
However I want to see how the download soft of I.E.,( perhaps more popular), works and post it.

Hello friends, back from the school, I can reply :

Downloading Bichumi Cup video N 2

  1. Go to Internet Explorer
  2. Wright on the URL bar the server addess : ftp://kkwping:[email protected]:9007 and click start
  3. You are now inside the ftp. Arrange the folders in the mode “ Details” for an easier reading.
  4. Save the URL in the folder “Favourite links”.This step is not basic for downloading, but it lets you to save the URL with the password.
  5. Open the folder “joypong”
  6. Go to the folder “ 05_mbc_ and open it.
  7. Arrange the links as Details and search the file 677 MB corresponding to video 2. The other files are videos 1-10.
  8. Open your Hard Disk.
  9. Copy the file 677 MB and paste it on HD free space : the download starts directly.
    I repeat: the downloading soft of IE is crude with reference to Opera, but,
    on the other side, IE browses the web better than Opera to my experience.
    As to say that the free accelerators are less powerfull than the pay per use managers.
    That’s true, but we have to pay for.
    To end the item, the best way to go in a server is to use FileZilla as many between you know. Abracos

Hi nickorulez

I tried directly with IE but it doesn’t worked. So I loaded FileZille and there are no problems to load the video from ftp. In FileZilla is the amount of the 2th video 710294396 Bytes. Thanks for your effort.