2005 Samsung-life Bichumi Cup (MBC) 5.2GB

2005 Samsung-life Bichumi Cup (MBC)

MBC Championship is a national tournament between elit corean players, hold for the first
time in 2004. In October 2005 MBC was opened to foreign contestants as Wang Liqin, Wang Nan, V. Pavlovic.
The team sponsors were
Samsunglife, the insurance company of Samsung Corp.
KT&G, Korea Tobacco and Ginseng C. , the same sponsor of Korea vs World Challege.
Sam Da Soo, a factory of water bottles.
KRA, Korea Recing Association.
The videos are : WMV, 640x480, 2000 kbps, 30 fps, 5.2 GB, overall good quality ,mainly Nunber 1,2,3,5 , while N 4,6,7,8,9,10 show a tuning problem, but small. Live broadcasted, the videos are full of slow motions and of interesting rellies. Before downloading, account the followings:

  1. DivX Player ,Windows MPlayer, Real One, Winamp 5.2 , VLC Player and Media Player Classic open the files; with DivX the best and MPC the worst.

  2. The down speed is low: 8-15 KB/s. I tested it before posting.

  3. Multiple downloadings are allowed. The speed in point 2) refers to simultaneous downl of 9 files.

  4. The speed of downloading one file at a time doesn’t grow by far , 20-25 KB/s, but it becomes time, traffic dependent. I tested speed changes in the range 10-130 KB/s on the same downl.

  5. My accelerators don’t work because unable to read file syntax, and I can’t rename such files.

  6. Thus, you have to relay on the downl softwere of the browser, which often loses connection with the server.(The server allows file resume, luckily).As you know, it happens at low speed of connection , a good reason to downl 1-2 file of same size at a time.

  7. Click” Save as” and immediately rename the file with the same number (N 1,3 4 5 , and so on) as the file has in the server webpage.Whatever it happens, you know the file concerned.

  8. File N 2 in the directory doesn’t work when I tested it. I’m searching for a new source. Try anyway.
  9. May be that registration gives privilages.

  10. That is not a downloading lesson, but the list of my mistakes.

  11. Oh Sang Eun 29y6WR2K (KT&G) vs JO Ji Hoon 22y33WR15K (Sam Da Soo) 397 MB

  12. Cho Eun Rae 20y95WR13K (Sam Da Soo) vs Lee Jung Sam 21y163WR6k (KT&G) 677 MB

  13. Lim Jae Hyun 21y76WR11K(KT&G) vs Lee Jung Woo 22y24WR1K(San Da Soo) 434 MB

  14. Ryu Seung Min 23y7WR4K (Samsung) vs Oh sang Eun 455MB

  15. Lee Hyang Mi 24y115WR10K (KRA) vs Moon Hyun Jung 22y25WR3K(Samsung) 562 MB

  16. Lee Jung Sam (KT&G) vs Yoo Chang Jae 26y197WR9K (Samsung) 508 MB

  17. Ryu Seung Min vs Lee Jung Sam 787 MB

  18. Wang Liqin 27y1WR vs Yoon Jae Young 22y72WR (Samsung) 829 MB

  19. MS-SF Oh Sang Eun vs Choi Hyun Jin 26y84WR (Sam Da Soo) 365 MB

  20. MS-Final Wang Liqin vs Oh Sang Eun 724 MB

WS-Final Wang Nan def. Kim Oh 4:0 (no video)

KT&G sponsored a funny tt exibition at 2005 Korea vs World Challage. The link 64MB :

ftp://[email protected]:9007/joyp … ent2-2.WMV

Thanks to joypong, the true soul of corean forums, to http deuce com youg team, and to Joe Bruin from About com for usefull inform


Hi nickorulez

I have got a simple question. There are games with best of 5 and other games with best of 7. I think the games with best of 5 are team competitions and the others individual competitions. Is that true?


Wow!!! I´m already downloading the videos!
Great post nickorulez!

Hi, martinspin,thiago and friends,
I don’t have a reply to your question, martinspin.
Actually the championships were either a team event
or a men-women individual event. TT-Player from mytabletennis
can help you. I can post the followings:

By Kim Hyun-cheol
Staff Reporter

For the first time in the South Korean table tennis history, local fans will be able to see two world-renowned athletes from China, powerhouse of the sport, playing in a local tournament from Thursday.

The Korea Business Table Tennis Federation (KBTTF) Tuesday announced Wang Liqin, the men’s world No.1 and reigning world champion, and Wang Nan, three-time world champion and current World No.8, will take part in the MBC Championships for 2005 Samsung Life Bichumi Cup, which starts today for a week in Kwachon, Kyonggi Province.

Another featuring foreign contestant is Viktoria Pavlovich, a female Belarusian defender who is ranked 13th in the world. All those who have already secured seeds, will arrive here over the weekend.

The KBTTF, organizer of the tournament, said it is an attempt to boost popularity of the sport in South Korea, and also part of a plan to expand the two-year-old event into a world-class contest.

We were already confirmed of the presence of some foreign players but it’s nice to see these top-notch players as well,’’ Kim Tae-gi, a KBTTF director, told The Korea Times. It will provide a great opportunity for table tennis fans to watch their performance up close.’’

Ryu Seung-min, Athens gold medallist, and Oh Sang-eun, semi-finalist at the World Championships, will square off the strong shakehander Wang Liqin in men’s event but it’s going to be another tough challenge for the South Koreans. Ryu has been winless against Wang in their latest five encounters for four years, while Oh records 1-9 in his past meetings with him.

Kim Kyung-ah, Olympic bronze medallist, and Moon Hyun-hung, who stunned Wang Nan in the round-of-32 of this year’s World Championships, are ready to face the high-ranked foreigners in the women’s competition.

[email protected]
10-26-2005 17:38

Where are the Joo Se Hyuk games???


I’ve been trying to download the videos 8 and 10…
but they just keep failing… the most I’ve downloaded its like 280MB… and I cant resume… because my download accelerator… doesnt work with the files (leechget)

does anyone know how to resume the files with firefox? or IE?.. or any doenload accelerator or ftp browser that works with this files?