2005 Korean Open Videos

Hello, friends,
waiting for some korean website sharing the videos of 2006 Kopen
recorded from SBS tv, I post the links of 2005 Kopen . I don’t know
if they are the same videos that Mesatenista net has recently added to
its VCD selling list. For many reasons, as you know,( chinese super
league, competition with koreans etc), chinese media underrate one
of the best PT event, which remains unexplored, as we can see from
the people in several forums asking for these links.

2005 Korea Open ib WS Final Li Jia Wei(SIN) vs Kim Kyung Ah(KOR) kopen05akkwACE91ok2.wmv 193 MB
link : http://ok2.okpingpong.com/2005/korea-op … _vs_ly.wmv

2005 Korea Open h MS Final Oh Sang Eun(KOR) vs Lim Jae Hyun(KOR) kopen05bkkwACE90ok2.wmv 268 MB
http://ok2.okpingpong.com/2005/korea-op … vs_lim.wmv

2005 Korea Open g MS QF Oh Sang Eun(KOR) vs Lee Jung Woo(KOR) kopen05ckkwACE89.wmv 320 MB
http://ok2.okpingpong.com/2005/korea-op … vs_lee.wmv

2005 Korea Open f MS Round of 16 Lim Jae Hyun(KOR) vs Chuan Chih Yuan(TPE) kopen05dkkwytc217.wmv 139 MB
http://ok2.okpingpong.com/2005/korea-op … vs_chu.wmv

2005 Korea Open e MS Round of 32 Ryu Seung Min(KOR) vs Takakima Taku(JPN)kkwytc216.WMV 348 MB
http://ok2.okpingpong.com/2005/korea-op … kakywa.wmv

2005 Korea Open l WS QF Kim Kyung Ah(KOR) vs Hirano Sayaka(JPN)215ytc.wmv
42 MB

I have on my HD two other videos from CTTB com., but I forgot the links, sorry:
2005 Korea Open m WD-F Tan Paey Fern_Zhuang Xueling(SIN) vs Sun Bei Bei_WangYue Gu(SIN) ittf-05-korea-vcup.rmvb
2005 Korea Open ia WS Final LI Jia Wei(SIN) vs Kim Kyung Ah(KOR)ittf-05-korea-vuup.rmvb

Video quality fairly good: 640x480, 1500 kbps, 30 fps, and all the players open them.
Only the 42 MB video is amateur.Broadcasted by SBS, Seul Broadcasting System,
the same tv hosting 2006 Korea Open PT.
I have some special jpg of Ryu Seung Min, Yoo Jae Young , Choi Hyun Jin
Lee Chul Seung and other female korean players I was unable to identify
Format 2000x1500 and weight from 1.5 MB to 3.0 MB. I can cut and post if someone is interested. Thanks to http://www.okpingpong.co.kr/ for hostings the vids and to http://deuce.com.ne.kr for recording and hosting. Since two days I can’t link to this website. Why?


Thank you so much for this videos! :smiley: