184 livros sobre Tênis de Mesa

184 Livros sobre TM
Books in English

  1. History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. VI: 1970-73, by Tim Boggan, 2006 (signed)
  2. Table Tennis Mastery, by John Kershaw, 2005 (ebook)
  3. My Secret Life as a Ping-Pong Wizard, by Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver, 2005 (children’s book)
  4. History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. V: 1971-1972, by Tim Boggan, 2005 (signed)
  5. History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. IV: 1963-1970, by Tim Boggan, 2005 (signed)
  6. Table Tennis Fascination II, produced by ITTF, 2005
  7. History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. III: 1953-1962, by Tim Boggan, 2004 (signed)
  8. Table Tennis: Level 1 Coaching Manual, by Glenn Tepper & ITTF, 2003
  9. History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. II: 1940-1952, by Tim Boggan, 2003 (signed)
  10. J-O Waldner: When the Feeling Decides, by Jens Fellke, 2003 (signed by Waldner)
  11. Professional Strength Training for Table Tennis, by Philip Clark, 2003
  12. Table Tennis Fascination, by Takkyu Okoku, 2002 (signed)
  13. Could a Tyrannosaurus Play Table Tennis? by Andrew Plant, 2002 (children’s book)
  14. Teaching and Coaching Table Tennis, by Deepak Jain, 2001
  15. Sizzling Chops & Devilish Spins, by Jerome Charyn, 2001
  16. Table Tennis in Schools Program, by Glenn Tepper, Alois Rosario & Wilhelmina Pruyn, 2001
  17. ITTF 1926-2001: Table Tennis Legends, by Zdenko Uzorinac, 2001
  18. History of U.S. Table Tennis: Vol. 1: 1928-1939, by Tim Boggan, 2001 (signed)
  19. Ping Pong: A Play About American College Life, by H.C. Kim, 2001
  20. Table Tennis 2000: Technique with Vladimir Samsonov, by Radivoj Hudetz, 2000 (signed by Samsonov)
  21. Table Tennis From A to Z, by Dimosthenis E. Messinis, 2000
  22. Table Tennis: Know the Game, by Gail McCulloch, 2000
  23. Zeke’s Olympic Ball Games, by Jason Page, 2000 (chapter on table tennis, cover shot of Deng Yaping)
  24. The Mighty Walzer, by Howard Jacobson, 1999
  25. Table Tennis, by Ashok Kumar, 1999
  26. Learn Table Tennis in a Weekend, by Andrzej Grubba, 1998
  27. Table Tennis, by Bernie Blackall, 1998
  28. Train to Win, by Michel Gadal, 1997
  29. Coloured Pins on a Map: Around The World With Table Tennis, by H. Roy Evans, 1997
  30. Table Tennis: Best of the Best, by Inh Van Le, 1997 (signed)
  31. Winning Table Tennis, by Dan Seemiller & Mark Holowchak, 1996 (signed by Seemiller)
  32. Ping-Pong: Journal of the Henry Miller Library, edited by Linda Sonrisa, Toby Rowland-Jones and Magnus Toren, 1996
  33. Table Tennis: Official Olympic Results, 1996
  34. The Future of Table Tennis in the U.S., by Gilbert Simons, 1996
  35. Not a Game for Boys, by Simon Block, 1995
  36. Ping Pong, by Gail McCulloch, 1995
  37. Table Tennis Education Program, by Steve Bruecker, 1995
  38. Table Tennis: Know the Game, by Gail McCulloch and the English TTA, 1995
  39. Tricks of the Trade for Kids, edited by Jerry Dunn (chapter on table tennis by Larry Hodges), 1994
  40. Table Tennis: Steps to Success, by Larry Hodges, 1993
  41. Play the Game: Table Tennis, by Donald Parker & David Hewitt, 1993
  42. Table Tennis: The Early Years, by Gerald N. Gurney, 1993
  43. Songs of International Friendship, by Hikosuke Tamasu, 1993 (signed)
  44. Ping & Pong, by David McPhail and Dennis Lee, 1993 (child’s picture book)
  45. Table Tennis the Sport, by Scott Preiss, 1992 (signed)
  46. Newgy Robot/Player’s Instructional Manual, by Larry Thoman, 1992
  47. How to Coach Table Tennis, by David Hewitt, 1990
  48. Table Tennis: How a New Sport Was Born, by Laszlo Bellak, 1990
  49. Ping-Pong is Not Table Tennis! by Fred Tepper, 1990
  50. How to Play Theological Ping-Pong, by Basil Mitchell, 1990
  51. Instructor’s Guide to Table Tennis, by Larry Hodges, 1989
  52. Take Up Table Tennis, by Don Parker, 1989
  53. How to Play Table Tennis, by Mike Shaw, 1989
  54. Play the Game: Table Tennis, by Donald Parker & David Hewitt, 1989
  55. Sports Action Table Tennis, Edited by Richard Taylor, 1989
  56. Simple Science Experiments with Ping-Pong Balls, by Eiji Orii & Masako Irii, 1989
  57. A Robot Ping-Pong Player: Experiment in Real-Time Intelligent Control, by Russell Andersson, 1988
  58. Joe’s Got a Head Like a Ping-Pong Ball, by Marcia & Jon Pankake,1988 (Music book)
  59. Robot Adept, by Piers Anthony, 1988 (29 pages about a fantasy table tennis match)
  60. Table Tennis: The Skills of the Game, by Gordon Steggall, 1986
  61. Olympic Encyclopedia: Table Tennis, edited by Raymond Gafner, 1986
  62. Forrest Gump, by Winston Groom, 1986
  63. Fathers Playing Catch with Sons, by Donald Hall, 1986. (Chapter on table tennis)
  64. The Pocket Guide to Table Tennis Tactics, by David Fairholm, 1985
  65. Cub Scout Sports: Table Tennis, by USTTA, 1985
  66. TSP/Robbins Sport Guide to Competitive Table Tennis, by Dan Robbins, 1985
  67. Table Tennis: More Than Meets the Eye, by Jim Doney, 1985
  68. 50 Years Across the Table, by Ken Wilkinson, 1984
  69. Billiards, Bowling, Table Tennis, Pinball and Video Games, edited by Robert R. Craven, 1983
  70. Top-Class Table Tennis, by Jill Hammersley and Donald Parker, 1983
  71. Rupert and Pong Ping, by Octopus Books Limited, 1983
  72. Racquet Sports: An Illustrated Guide, by Elinor Nickerson, 1982
  73. Techniques of Chinese Table Tennis Players, compiled by China Sports Editorial Board, 1981
  74. The Chinese Book of Table Tennis, by Ding Shu De, Zhu Qing Zuo, Wang Lian Fang & Yuan Hai Lu, 1981
  75. How To Play Table Tennis, by Peter Simpson, 1981
  76. Acrobats and Ping Pong, by Isobel Willcox, 1981
  77. Spens '81, by Budimir Vojinovic, 1981 (series of table tennis cartoons)
  78. Winning at Table Tennis with Desmond Douglas, by Desmond Douglas, 1980
  79. Successful Table Tennis, by Peter Simpson, 1980
  80. Murray’s Guide to Table Tennis, by Noel Shorter, 1979
  81. The Science of Table Tennis, by Brian Burn, 1979
  82. Halex Book of Modern Table Tennis, by Denis Neale, 1978
  83. The Other Racket Sports, by Dick Squires, 1978
  84. Table Tennis Now, by Barry Hayward and Phil Burwell, 1978
  85. Ball Games, by Nigel Viney and Neil Grant, 1978 (chapter on table tennis)
  86. Advanced Table Tennis Techniques, by Chester Barnes, 1977
  87. Table Tennis, by Harold Myers, 1977
  88. Winning Table Tennis, by Tim Boggan, 1976 (signed)
  89. National School Table Tennis Guide, by Fred Danner, 1976
  90. Table Tennis is Fun, by Maureen O’Bryan & Eric Ford, 1976
  91. Table Sports, by Joe Marcus, 1976
  92. Teach Yourself Table Tennis, by Jack Carrington, 1976
  93. Table Tennis, by David Phillip, 1975
  94. Table Tennis, by Leslie Woolard, 1975
  95. Tackle Table Tennis, by John Hilton, 1975 & 1985
  96. Play Table Tennis, by Martin Sklorz, 1975
  97. Sports Illustrated Table Tennis, by Dick Miles, 1974
  98. The Money Player, by Marty Reisman, 1974 (signed)
  99. Revolutionary China: People, Politics and Ping-Pong, by Ruth Sidel, 1974
  100. Victor Barna, by Philip Reid, 1974
  101. The Will to Win: Dragutin Surbek, by Stjepan Kljuic-Branin, 1973 (English version)
  102. Table Tennis: Know the Game, by English Table Tennis Association, 1973
  103. Topspin, by David Clark (child’s fiction story on table tennis), 1973
  104. Play Better Table Tennis, by Peter Simpson, 1973
  105. Captivity: How I Survived 44 Months as a Prisoner of the Red Chinese, by Mary Ann Harbert, 1973
  106. Better Table Tennis for Boys and Girls, by George Sullivan, 1972
  107. Advanced Table Tennis, by Jack Carr, 1972
  108. The Book of Table Tennis, by Glenn Cowan, 1972
  109. Modern Table Tennis Tactics, by Chester Barnes, 1972
  110. Ping Pong by John Waterhouse, 1972 (A play about table tennis)
  111. Ping Pong to China, by Dr. John Jackson, 1971
  112. Your Book of Table Tennis, by Victor Barna, 1971
  113. Table Tennis for the 'Seventies, by Johnny Leach, 1971
  114. Table Tennis Made Easy, by Johnny Leach, 1971
  115. EP Sport Table Tennis, by Martin Sklorz, 1971
  116. The Youngest Son, Autobiography of Ivor Montagu, 1970 (signed)
  117. The Way to the Top Table Tennis, by Denis Neale, 1970
  118. Progressive Table Tennis, by Jack Carrington, 1970
  119. More Than a Match, by Chester Barnes, 1969
  120. Better Table Tennis, by Johnny Leach, 1969
  121. Advanced Table Tennis, by Jack Carr, 1969
  122. The Game of Table Tennis, by Dick Miles, 1968
  123. The Ogimura Seminar of Table Tennis, by Dell Sweeris, 1968
  124. Table Tennis, by Ruffard Harrison & Margaret Varner, 1967
  125. Teach Yourself Books: Table Tennis, by Geoffrey Harrower, 1966
  126. Table Tennis, by Diane Rowe, 1965
  127. Table Tennis, Ping Pong, by Si Wasserman, 1963
  128. Table Tennis Today, by Victor Barna, 1962
  129. Table Tennis Complete, by Johnny Leach, 1960
  130. Instructions in Table Tennis, by Harry Venner, 1960
  131. Table Tennis, by Eric Hyde, 1960
  132. It’s All in the Game, by James Shea, 1960
  133. Table Tennis - A New Approach, by Ken Stanley, 1959
  134. How to Win at Table Tennis, by Victor Barna, 1957
  135. Boys’ Book of All Sports, edited by W.J. Hicks, 1957 (several chapters on table tennis)
  136. Ping Pong, by Parker Brothers, 1956
  137. Table Tennis My Way, by Johnny Leach, 1955
  138. Ping Pong: A Play, by Arthur Adamov, 1955
  139. The Twins on Table Tennis, by Diane and Rosalind Rowe, 1955
  140. How To Become a Champion At Table Tennis, by Miklos Svabados, 1954
  141. Table Tennis Sports Activity Book, by William P. Gottlieb, 1954
  142. Table Tennis Illustrated, by Douglas Cartland, 1953
  143. Young Readers Indoor Sports Stories, by Charles Coombs (fiction story on table tennis), 1952
  144. Table Tennis For All, by Johnny Leach, 1951
  145. Know the Game of Table Tennis, produced by English Table Tennis Association, 1951
  146. Twenty-One Up, by Richard Bergmann, 1950
  147. Boys’ Book of All Sports, edited by W.J. Hicks, 1950 (several chapters on table tennis)
  148. Your Book of Table Tennis, by William P. Gottlieb, 1949?
  149. Table Tennis, by Coleman Clark, 1948
  150. Rule Book Badminton Table Tennis Squash, produced by A.G. Spalding, 1947
  151. Top-Notch Table Tennis, by Emily Fuller, 1942
  152. Table Tennis, by Jay Purves, 1942
  153. Table Tennis, A Guide for Beginners and Enthusiasts, by Eric Hyde, 1940
  154. The Ping-Pong Game, by William Saroyan, 1939
  155. Table Tennis Comes of Age, by Sol Schiff, 1939
  156. Modern Table Tennis, by Jack Carrington, 1939
  157. How to Play Table Tennis, by Coleman Clark, 1938
  158. Table Tennis, by Coleman Clark, 1938
  159. Table Tennis, by Ivor Montagu, 1937
  160. Games and Recreation Series: Table Tennis, by Ivor Montagu, 1936
  161. Success at Table Tennis, by Istvan Kelen, 1936
  162. The New Hoyle Standard Games, by Paul Seymour, 1936 (section on ping pong)
  163. Table Tennis, by M.A. Symons, 1935
  164. Lawn Tennis & Table Tennis, by Vantage, 1935
  165. Popular Sports, by Frank Collins, 1935 (chapter on ping pong)
  166. Table Tennis, by Arthur Waite, 1933(?)
  167. Table Tennis Tactics, by William R. Stewart, 1933
  168. Modern Ping-Pong and How to Play It, by Coleman Clark, 1933
  169. Ping-Pong, Game, Tactics, and Laws, by Cornelius Schaad, 1930
  170. Ping Pong, by Cornelius Schaad, 1930
  171. A Manual of Ping-Pong, the Game, Its Tactics and Laws, by Cornelius G. Schaad, 1928
  172. Table Tennis, by the American Sports Publishing Company, 1902
  173. Ping-Pong, The Game & How to Play It, by Arnold Parker, 1902
  174. A Handbook to Ping Pong: Table Tennis And How To Play It With Rules Illustrated, by J.G. Ritchie and Walter Harrison, 1902


  1. Tênis de Mesa, by Welber Marinovic, 2006. (Português)
  2. Table Tennis: Steps to Success, by Larry Hodges, Chinese edition, 2005
  3. Table Tennis: Steps to Success, by Larry Hodges, Korean edition, 2005
  4. Table Tennis: Steps to Success, by Larry Hodges, Hebrew edition, 2005
  5. History of Table Tennis: 64 Years in Japan, by Hikosuke Tamasu, 2000. (Japanese)
  6. Aprendendo o Tênis de Mesa brincando, by Marles Martins, 1999. (Português)
  7. Autobiography of Zhuang Zedong, 1998 (Chinese)
  8. Let’s Go! Inachu Ping Pong Club, 1993. (Japanese)
  9. Ping Pong, by S. Carmiggelt, 1979. (Dutch)
  10. Table Tennis, by Joto Dryakovski, 1974. (Bulgarian)

Das 184 publicações citadas pelo Hinoki, apenas duas são em Português. Que bom seria se pelo menos 10% desses livros fossem traduzidos para nosso idioma, e fosse encontrado em qualquer livraria, aí todos teriam acesso a história do Tênis de Mesa e sua evolução ao longo dos tempos.

Apesar de só haver 2 em portugues tem MUITOS em inglês q não eh a lingua mais falada no tenis de mesa. Isto eh bom pq assim podemos aproveitar muita coisa conhecendo um idioma muito mais difundido q o bulgaro por exemplo.

PS: j0rnal1sta, se vira e compra alguns desses :smiley:

Alguns livros só mola ? Comprar logo todos uhauheea :stuck_out_tongue: e incluir o meu futuro livro quem sabe? Vi ali, livros de tecnica de samsonov, gatien, waldner. Quem sabe eu não sou o primeiro a escrever um livro (daqui um tempo bem, pra frente hehe) com técnica de Timo Boll :stuck_out_tongue:

O Hinoki se enganou. Faltou o livro principal:

171- How to Lose for 3x0 ( By César Mesquita).


Que isso César, com essa auto estima vc nunca vai ganhar realmente. Acredite no seu potencial e lute pra solucionar seus problemas, acabar com seus defeitos. Se vc treina e perde, algo está errado no treinamento, ou no torneio vc fica nervoso. Isso é assunto pra outro tópico, mas melhora essa auto estima po xD

Tá tranquilo jornalista. Quando comecei a treinar, realmente perdia direto de 3x0 e fiquei como se fosse uma marca registrada minha, hoje após 1 ano de treinos, já venço alguns jogos (não de federados, ainda), e já fui até vice campeão em um torneio de faculdades aqui no RJ. Tenho a cabeça boa e sei que a evolução é com o tempo, valeu!!

gostei ,to querendo comprar , só ñ sei quando , vlw

Parece que estes livros são parte do acervo da biblioteca de um jornalista americano especializado em tênis de mesa. A esta altura ele já deve ter comprado este em português vendido aqui no site.