Bichumi Cup

Hi friends

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Wang Liqing 4-2 Oh Sang Eun: … %20Eun.wmv

Oh Sang Eun 4-3 Choi Hyun Jin (set 3-7): … %20Jin.wmv

Lee Jung Sam 4-0 Yoo Chang Jae: … %20Jae.wmv

Lee Jung Sam 4-2 Ryu Seung Min: … %20Min.wmv

Wang Liqin 4-0 Yoon Jae Young & Wang Nan 4-0 Lee E.S. … 0Young.wmv

Oh Sang Eun 3-0 Cho Ji Hoon: … un%20(KT&G)%203-0%20JO%20Ji%20Hoon%20(Sam%20Da%20Soo).wmv

Oh Sang Eun 3:1 Ryu Seung Min: … un%20(KT&G)%203-1%20RYU%20Seung%20Min%20(Samsung).wmv

Lee Jung Woo 3:1 Lim Jae Hyun: … 20Da%20Soo)%203-1%20Lim%20Jae%20Hyun%20(KT&G).wmv